4 Things I Love About Cooking

Submitted by Jordan Skaggs, OWB September Blogger of the Month

Hi! I’m so excited to share some guests posts here on the Oklahoma Women Blogger’s website throughout September. Huge thanks to all the lovely ladies running this site so we can all grow and connect as bloggers!

I’m a food blogger and I’ll be writing about why I blog later on this month so I thought a great intro would be to write about why I love cooking so much.


Here we go! Four things I love about cooking:

It’s therapeutic.

I find chopping veggies to be very therapeutic after a long or stressful day. Concentrating on slicing and dicing always takes my mind off things.

Also, I sit at a desk all day (I’m sure many of you can relate) so cooking is a great activity I can do to stand up for awhile when I get home. Plus, once you’re done, you’ve got a delicious meal as your reward!

It’s healthier.

I consider myself a healthy eater. And one of the simplest ways I’ve found to eat healthier is by cooking my own meals. You know exactly what is going into your meal and you have complete control.

Sometimes when I’m looking at a box at the store with a never-ending list of ingredients, I feel like I’m reading one of those wordy terms of service no one reads and just hits ‘I Agree’ to move on. My life is not totally void of packaged food; I just try to make good choices about them and cook what I can myself.

It’s a creative outlet.

There are SO many different types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. It’s impossible to get bored if you’re making an effort to try new things. The possibilities are endless!

Trying to brainstorm new combinations always gets my creativity flowing.

It’s a way to show you care about someone.

I love sharing food with people. I think this is something passed down from my grandma and mom.

Whenever my extended family is visiting my grandparents, my grandma always prepares plenty of food and makes sure everyone has enough (usually more than enough). It’s her way of taking care of her family.

Likewise, my mom will make meals for people who are going through a rough time, just to help them out.

Seeing their examples instilled that desire in me to share with others.

Now I’d love to hear from you! Any other cooks out there? Leave a comment sharing what you love about cooking.


Along with being the Oklahoma Blogger of the Month for September, Jordan Skaggs is a passionate foodie and photographer. She creates, photographs, and shares her original recipes on her blog Recipe or Not and was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


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  1. I’m with you on it being one of the best ways to show you care, Jordan. My husband knows when I put wrinkly, disgusting, gloppy raisins in cookies it is ALL about him and how much I love him – because I wouldn’t touch those nasty ‘ol things for just anybody!!

    Looking forward to your September posts!
    Shel Harrington recently posted…Deadhead Your MarriageMy Profile

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