April Celebrations Blogging Challenge!

OKWB Celebrations

It’s almost time–get ready to get blogging and join us for our first Blogging Challenge!  You’ll write about the topic on your own blog and then link back here. Snag our button up there and let your readers know about Oklahoma Women Bloggers.

You’ll want to read and comment on all of your bloggy-sister’s posts as well each day.

Here are our topics:

April 15–Rubber Eraser Day: Blog about a mistake you made that you wish you could fix or that you did fix and make better!

April 16–Stress Awareness Day: Blog about what stresses you out and what you do to bust up that stress

April 17–Blah, blah, blah Day: Make a to-do list and tackle it; get those nag-ers off your back. (Wordless Wednesday–take pics of your projects!)

April 18–High Five Day: Give a shout-out to someone in your life who deserves a high five.

April 19–Garlic Day: Share a recipe that uses garlic.

Can’t wait to read what you have to say!

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    • Heather says:

      Put your mouse over the image and right click.
      About halfway down, you’ll get the option to SAVE AS.
      Save As blogging button on your desktop.
      Go into blogger and click layout.
      Add widget “Picture.”
      Load blogging button from desktop.
      Add http://www.oklahomawomenbloggers.com as the link.
      Drag the widget to the position you want it on your blog.
      Hit save.

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