Back in My Day: Blockbuster Stores

Submitted by ShaRhonda Crow

Dear Kids,

I was cleaning out my wallet the other day. Don’t fall over, it shocked me as well. It will be a distant memory to you, but there was a day when these stores were everywhere. The walls were filled with an unlimited selection of movie rentals. I know you remember Blockbuster. For my oldest, the one who made me a mommy just 13 short years ago, there was a brief time of VHS tapes which quickly transitioned to DVDs.


Now, we stream movies online, through our local cable provider, or maybe rent and return a DVD through a convenient Redbox location 24 hours per day. We must thank the likes of Sony, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu for these conveniences.

I am grateful for the conveniences that technology has brought into our lives, but honestly I miss the days of deciding as a family to go “get” a movie. I miss the rides in the car discussing/arguing over which movie to get as a family, which one to get as a dad and mom movie. The time we didn’t have to choose between a regular DVD or a Blu-Ray because of the equipment we owned or the special effects.

It’s funny that we can honestly all look back at this little card as a reminder of the things we did “back in the day”. Of course by the time this post is read there will probably be an introduction to a new latest and greatest convenient way to bring Hollywood into our homes. With that introduction will mean the equipment used in our home now will become obsolete and another purchase will have to be made. Another learning curve to overcome.

Life really was so much simpler “back in the day” of Blockbuster.

Love always,

Your almost 40 year old Moma (who is very technology sound and up to date. Who really does wish things were a little more like “back in the day”).

Chocolate GravyShaRhonda Crow is a small town southern Okie girl, still trying to find her way into the “BIG” city life! Wife, mom, volunteer, WAHM. Writes about living, laughing, learning and loving at

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  1. Oh yahhhhhhhh – how could I have forgotten so soon?? There was a time when Blockbusters sprung up like 7-11 stores! Wandering around them, handling movie jackets, was so much more interesting than looking at the ‘guide’ channel! It was kind of sad to see them fold, one store at a time. In spite of the fact I could never seem to get the movies returned in a timely way. (Remember how THAT part was a pain??)
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