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If you do a Google search on my name, somewhere on the first place you will see this:


Wade is super sweet but I’m not a hero. The reason I drive when I can is because I simply cannot travel light. At the minimum, I need five bags when I go someplace and you just can’t get that on an airplane very easily or cheaply these days. So, I load up the car, tune my radio to Hair Nation and off I go. I really don’t mind driving.

So, you might wonder, “What on earth do you have to take with you that you can’t pare down to just one bag?” (One bag? Hahahaha! Wait while I get a grip…)


First I need my purse. This is understandable for most ladies. And sometimes, depending on the trip, I need several purses. But for the sake of this post, I’ll only count the one purse that stands alone as a separate bag.

Then I must have my coffee bag. Coffee, in my opinion as a coffee achiever, is way too important to just leave to chance. I’m not a fan of the pod coffee makers a lot of hotels now have although I have learned to Macguyver them for a better cup of coffee. Making coffee with what they provide you with that coffee maker is an impossibility. My bag is complete, containing a four cup drip coffee maker, coffee, filters, and a cup. I have actually called hotels in advance to what kind of coffee maker they have in their rooms and I’ve found that most hotel front desk folks do not know the answer to this question. If I drive, it’s simply not a problem. I have coffee with me. And if I luck out and there’s a drip pot in the room, I can just make coffee twice as fast. Win win. 🙂

I really need to take my computer with me. I am thrilled with all of the things I can do on my phone but there are a lot of things I prefer to do on my computer so it’s very well traveled. I can’t tell you how many external keyboards I’ve left behind in hotels. It’s probably equal to the number of ergonomically correct pillows I’ve left behind.

That brings us to the clothes bag. Now, depending how long the trip is, this bag will contain clothes, shoes and additional purses. But it might be a stretch to get it into just one bag. I mean, shoes…

So, in the event it won’t all fit into one bag, sometimes this evolves into two bags. One (maybe two) for clothes and one for shoes.

Then I must have my toiletries bag. Again, this bag is pretty self explanatory. By the time you put blow dryer, curling iron, makeup, etc. you absolutely NEED this bag. Let’s take an international detour for a second here. If I’m flying overseas, I would not be taking my coffee bag although I would probably be taking an extra bag of clothes. I mean, how can you be caught in another country without every necessity when you are 5’11”?

Anyway, I have my “Make Tea Device” that I purchased in Fiji one trip. It’s great, a small French press that I take when we go overseas. I discarded the cutesy little cups that came with it which makes room for the coffee and it fits perfectly into my toiletries bag!

Most hotels we visit overseas have an electric kettle so this solves the coffee problem nicely. I bring the coffee in this bag in lieu of the blow dryer and curling iron which won’t work on foreign currents.

So there you have it! I’m not really a hero at all.  I simply cannot travel light.


When not traveling (or packing), Lauri Rottmayer blogs at Catch up with her and “Get a little Rott-I-Tude.”

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