Come VLOG with us! Challenge #3: advice

We hope you’re enjoying the VLOG challenge so far! Videos are pretty easy to make and it’s fun to get a chance to see one another, I think.

This week, we’re asking you to give us advice: give us advice or tell us the best advice you’ve ever been given. Or the worst. Or the best you didn’t follow. Or the advice you gave someone else and they followed an maybe they shouldn’t have. You get the drill–this is where you get to play advice columnist and tell us something good.

Apologies for the audio quality … clearly, the advice I wish I’d gotten before we started recording these videos is that the microphone on my laptop was covered up by the cool overlay sticker I had placed on it. Oopsie. Now resolved, but these challenge videos were recorded prior to that discovery, and all the audio adjustments in the world is only marginally helping. Sorry! Live and learn, right?

So here’s your week 3 challenge! Watch it, laugh at us and then don’t forget to link up below.

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