Foodie Friday: Chocolate Gravy

chocolate gravy

My children requested Chocolate Gravy this weekend- TWICE.


Miss K was hungry and wanted to practice her new found biscuit skills- she learned how to open the can and put them in the pan.

chocolate gravy

As a little girl I always loved going to both of my grandmother’s houses. They both lived in Southern Oklahoma. One in Tushka and the other in Wilson. My grandmothers had a few things in common: you had to drive lots of dirt roads to see them, their homes did not have indoor plumbing- so yes, I have used an outhouse. They had chickens, so there were always fresh eggs and both made the best breakfast and, of course, the best food ever. But another thing my grandmothers had in common was they both made chocolate gravy and biscuits. Oh the memories.


Chocolate gravy?


Well, before I answer or give the recipe there is more to this story.


I met my husband when I was 30. One of the first things he noticed about me when he came to my house before we married was that I had the same plates as his Momma- Mikasa’s French Countryside.  One of the first things his Momma made me for breakfast before we were married was his favorite: Chocolate gravy and biscuits. Yes, she did, and served them on the Mikasa plates!


This is the ONLY gravy I can and will make. I refuse to make any other gravy. Chocolate gravy is good for breakfast, brunch or dinner.  We’ve even centered a birthday party or two around it. It’s a huge hit with the guests, most have never heard of it.


According to Wikipedia:


“Chocolate gravy is a variety of gravy made with fat, flour, cocoa powder and sometimes a small amount of sugar. This variety is more common in cuisine of the Southern United States and is most often served as a Sunday morning dish with fresh biscuits in the Ozark and Appalachian Mountain regions.”

No, I am not from Arkansas, even though I can call the Razorbacks like nobody’s business- Woo Pig Sooie!!!  I am an Oklahoma girl born and raised. My Grandma Madie and my mother-in-law were both from Arkansas and since so many recipes do cross state lines, it makes me very happy when my children ask for this delectable cuisine. A little taste of family history.

chocolate gravy

Chocolate Gravy

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  1. I’m a Texas girl and never heard of chocolate gravy until I moved to Oklahoma. I’ve never tasted it and never knew the recipe until now. Thanks so much for sharing it, Stephanie. It sounds WONDERFUL! I had to chuckle, tho, at the Wikipedia article stating it is sometimes made with a “small amount of sugar.” And then I noticed your recipe calls for a full cup. Whoever wrote that article has to be a Northener or from another country. Otherwise, they would know that Southerners never make anything with just a “small amount” of sugar! 🙂
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