Letting Go

He’s 12. Never been on a jet plane. We are not the “sleep away” parents. I can’t count on a single hand the times he has spent the night with friends. Grandparents have to beg for nightly visits from our children. We are just the parents who find comfort in having their children safe and sound under our roof and watch. Did I mention he’s never been on an airplane?

At the end of this month he is visiting our nation’s Capitol. Finally the bazillion of times he has watched the National Treasure movies will come to reality. Hopefully not in the movie sense, but rather the historical learning sense. This is where I am having to let go. He is going with my Moma, his Nana. I AM NOT going. They are going with my aunt and two cousin’s school to the 21st Annual Model School Conference. This trip has evolved into a family opportunity, my son will have two other 12 year old cousins with him along with my cousin’s new husband. So in all, eight relatives. Washington D.C. be ready!!!

Obviously, I am a little/lot apprehensive in letting him go. I know, I know, what an opportunity for a young man, especially during our nation’s 237th birthday. I mean really, not everyone has been privy to such a trip. Not even myself. I just hope and pray that the two adults who are not conferencing keep a close eye on the three 12 year olds going, and an even closer eye on mine. I can just imagine now them trying to talk their way into a White House tour so they can meet the two cute daughters of the President. Knowing all three of them, they will stop at McDonald’s on the way and plan a picnic on the lawn. Disgraceful.

Seriously though, this letting go thing is hard to do. From the moment they are born, we begin to let go in our own little protective, have to ways. I will be a nervous wreck from the moment that plane takes off until the minute he is back under my roof. This is only the beginning though, in four years it will be driving, in six high school graduation, then college. I don’t even want to begin thinking about his wedding day and grandchildren. To think that the biggest let go so far for me is happening during the summer before he turns 13, unbelievable. I wish for him lots of fun, of course I’ll hide the tears until he is out of sight like all Mommy’s do.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to motherhood. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but it doesn’t. But here’s the good thing: the anticipation is much worse than the execution. At first, you may thinking and worrying about him every minute – while simultaneously bugging your mom with too-frequent texts or calls – but eventually you will relax and realize things will be fine because he’s with people who love him like you do. You might surprise yourself! Then, the next time he expands his horizons you will fret again! It will be fine.

  2. Ahhh… I completely understand. With Baby Girl’s G-parents so far away she just spent a week with them, so I could get some work done. And of course during that 5 day period they had severe storms every night. I would stay up and check the radar, as if there was anything I could do about the weather. It’s hard to let go, but it’s a fabulous opportunity for both of you to grow. :o)

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