March–Oh, the Places You Go

March in Oklahoma certainly came roaring in like a lion this year. Can we count on it going out like a lamb? I sure hope so. But as long as this winter weather persists, it makes our theme this month an inspiration.

Have Suitcase, Will Travel is our theme for March. Where do you want to go? Where have you been? Trip disasters, pleasant surprises, travel dreams, we want to hear all about them. As for me, I’m dreaming of a trip… March makes me think of St. Patrick’s Day, which makes me think of Ireland, which makes me think of P.S. I Love You (movie version) and the scene where Hilary Swank’s Holly first meets Gerard Butler’s Gerry, while walking along a picturesque road in the rolling hills. It’s positively swoony. But as we’re stuck in the ice of another winter storm, I’ll have to settle for the movie version of that trip today.

me by dee head shotA new month means a new blogger of the month–we invite you to spend some time with Marie. I recently had the opportunity to meet Marie for coffee and we hit it off like gangbusters.

As Ireland might not be a reasonable trip for me to take right now, I’m planning a closer-to-home trip to visit Marie at her own little slice of heaven, The Lazy W hobby farm, where she cultivates a life filled with “friends & family, buffalo, horses, llamas, chickens, fresh honey, herbs & veggies, books, great food, perfect coffee, and lasting romance.” Sounds lovely. And if you’re iced in the house, visit Marie’s blog today for a shot of spring.

And don’t forget–our Tulsa Meet Up will be held this Saturday! March 8 at 1:30, we’re meeting at The Brook on south Peoria. Bring a small, token gift that represents you, your blog or your hometown for a blogger exchange if you’d like. I know that I loved finding something that represented my place online, and I can’t wait to get to meet even more of the awesome ladies of OWB.

B+W head shotMari Farthing is co-editor of Oklahoma Women Bloggers, military (retired) wife and lover of travel. Mari blogs about lots of random things, like music, family and her escapades as a writer and editor at Mari, Quite Contrary and Mari Edits.
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  1. Mari thank you sooooooo much for this sweet intro, I too lvoed out first meeting and am excited to write here all month! And Stephanie maybe we need to get you out to the farm, too! We’re not quite Little House but as things warm up there will be lots to enjoy. LOL xoxo

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