It’s the time of year when all the old wives tales about the weather start flying around. I am sure we all have a weather forecaster, two or three in our bloodlines. Grandma, Grandpa,  Aunt, Uncle, Mother in Law or my Daddy. Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with cold weather. I love it as long as I can stay inside, with my loved ones, cuddled up and no one has to drive or go anywhere. Fat chance. We live in Oklahoma, there seems to be a law that says no work, no pay and no school, shorter summer vacay. Come on lawmakers. Oh wait, negotiations with the government is an entire different argument that could end up in a deadlock and everyone walking away pouting again. Back to the rest of the story.

Have you heard these predictions:

1.) The day of the month of the first snowfall will predict how many snowfalls there will be that winter.

2.) Persimmons. I always heard this one from my grandparents, but was reminded of it on Facebook and the news by an Okmulgee resident. Get a seed from a persimmon. Ripe, green ones are hard to open. If there is a spoon, there will be lots of snow to shovel. It there is a knife, there will be cutting winds. Just FYI,  the seeds in Okmulgee county were spoon-shaped. So were the ones on our family’s land in Arkansas.

3.) Ring around the moon, means rain or snow soon.

4.) Got cattle or livestock? Check their coats? If the cattle are heavy coated, it is going to be a hard winter. My Daddy’s herd of cattle in southern Oklahoma are not showing a thick coat.

5.) Wooly worms. These worms supposedly predict winter by the stripes on the larvae, the amount of black determines how severe the winter weather will be. Wide black stripes mean a bad winter, a wide brown stripe in the middle means a mild winter.  Start looking for these critters when you start raking. In 2011, the worm prediction held true according to Travis Meyer.


6) The taller the red anthills the colder the winter. In southern Oklahoma, the ant hills are TALL!

What weather wives tales have you heard? How do you predict Winter 13-14? Just in case we do get snowed in, I’m gonna be prepared to eat. Snow ice cream. Want my recipe? Just right click and save/print. Happy Winter.




ShaRhonda Crow blogs at The Four Crows.

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