Souper Comfort Food

Submitted by ShaRhonda Crow

Soup is liquid comfort. I have told my readers time and time again how my inner Martha Stewart wells up and my chest sticks out when my family, especially my husband sends me a text telling me his leftovers are even better than they were the night before, or the entire family says this is a “make again” dish.

You see, it brings great comfort to me to know that they enjoy what I prepare for them to eat each evening. I grew up in a home where supper was expected to be on the table at 5:00 pm. Or maybe that was just my perception, because my Moma taught me that my Daddy worked hard all day and deserved a good meal when he pulled his oily work boots off for the night. After almost ten years of marriage, seven of which I have been a stay at home or work at home wife and mother, I too try to have a meal ready when my husband walks in at 5:30. He doesn’t expect it. He is happy with a bowl of cereal or a bag of popcorn. Like I said, I think it’s an inner comfort, a sense of accomplishment and responsibility to myself to see that they have the tradition of a good evening meal. Maybe I will even pass this legacy on to my own daughter.


Mealtimes do bring families closer together. It’s Fall y’all, isn’t it time to bring some liquid comfort, aka soup, into your homes?

Chocolate Gravy

ShaRhonda Crow is a small town southern Okie girl, still trying to find her way into the “BIG” city life! Wife, mom, volunteer, WAHM. Writes about living, laughing, learning and loving at

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