Summer Salads

Chocolate GravyThanks to Oklahoma Women Blogger ShaRhonda Crow for her post today, featuring a slelection of summer salads just in time for summer picnics!

ShaRhonda is a small town southern Okie girl, still trying to find her way into the “BIG” city life! Wife, mom, volunteer, WAHM. Writes about living, laughing, learning and loving at

Who all has upcoming family reunions? Besides your case of water, a couple of bottles of pop, and packaged cookies, what else is your go to dish?

Mine. Pasta Salads.

I can’t get enough of these things. They are my go to for almost any event or get together which I must take a dish. Especially since the ones I make do not contain mayo that will spoil.

I had planned to take this one last weekend, but then the “finger food only” request came. Oh well. Black Bean & Corn Pasta Salad.


I also like this one. But I am running out of my dill seasoning. Does anyone have a great dill seasoning? Or a recipe to make one? Mine was originally from Homemade Gourmet and was sold as their Pantry Staple. Not anymore. Bring back my staple. Please. I can’t live without my Dill Pasta Salad.


The next recipe of Spaghetti Veggie Pasta Salad, actually came from my reunion last year. Don’t you love how that happens? Take a recipe, get a recipe. It’s an all time family fave. I have also found with this one if you don’t like spaghetti noodles, you can use any type of pasta.

Spaghetti Veggie Pasta Salad

Do you have any favorite go to dish. One you can serve cold? One that just takes a few minutes to throw together?

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  1. YUM! We start having cold dishes right after the 4th and generally keep it up until September. Mostly because it’s just too darn hot to cook. These will fit into the rotation nicely! Thank you.
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