Who’s Your Moma?

Think about it, who is your Moma, Mama, Momma, Madre, Mother in Law? You know the woman your children or future children will call Nana, Grandma, Granny, Mamaw or whatever other name of endearment is chosen. Those two or more special ladies in your life that not only birthed you, but also your significant other. That raised you, your spouse and now may or may not play a significant role in your life and your own children’s life. If they do, like in mine, you are truly blessed.



I guess I will go all Hallmark with this post and say that I can only hope to be half the daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend that these ladies are. I watch them prepare dinner unselfishly, play a mean game of Nerf softball with their grandchildren, and take every tab at every dinner out they are invited too.


If only the meringue on my pies will stand taller than the filling, crust and pie plate one day I know I will have learned one secret. And if I ever have room in my yard for a fish pond and am able to tell you the name of every bird I feed I will have accomplished another. But probably the greatest secret that I have learned so far from these women is the gift of unconditional love. Love without expectations. Just doing without receiving anything back always makes the biggest difference in the world. That when I am feeling down, the best pick me up in the world is doing something for someone else.

Throughout the Mother Month of May, take time to reflect on exactly Who’s Yo Moma, what they mean to you, and what characteristics you want to take from them and pass down. Be sure to let them know how special they really are.

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  1. Gracie Fergueson says:

    What a wonderful post! Even though she is my niece and I’m sure I am a little partial! Family is everything!

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